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  1. I interviewed 8/28 and I got a letter on 9/16 saying I am on the waitlist.
  2. I interviewed 8/20 and just got a call a couple of hours ago with an acceptance!! So excited! My background, drug screen, and fingerprints all showed complete about a week after my interview.
  3. I got that email as well. I hope you are right and that they just have a lot to sort through. Fingers crossed!
  4. I was offered an interview via email on 8/2. I chose 11/8 for my interview. CASPA verified 7/12.
  5. I was sent an email on 8/2 for an interview on 8/22! I was CASPA verified on 7/12.
  6. I got a call on July 25th for an interview on either August 15th or 20th. Very excited!
  7. Thanks MT2PA. Yes I will contact the schools I have applied to I was just trying to get a ballpark idea. I'm glad to know students are not struggling with expenses while in school and that you had plenty for groceries, saving, etc. Thanks for your reply.
  8. I am trying to figure out how much money students get for living expenses, etc. (anything besides tuition) I understand that each school calculates a total cost of attendance based on the area but I was hoping to find more specific information. Any students out there willing to say how much money they were offered after tuition for living expenses and what school they are attending or plan to attend? I can't seem to find any specific dollar amount. I'm just trying to get an idea of how much I will be able to take out. Thanks!
  9. I submitted my application on 7/7 and was verified 7/12! Still waiting for the confirmation email from the school. Fingers crossed I get an interview!
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