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  1. I emailed the program (the admissions director specifically) to go over my application and asked what I could improve on, he then broke down my stats for me and made suggestions.
  2. I had emailed at the beginning of the month to check that my GPA calculation was correct (last year they didn’t count one of my classes by mistake) so when I got an email back yesterday with the wrong stats I called. They had somehow used my old grades for the prerequisites instead of the re-take classes that were As.
  3. Hey everyone! I received an interview offer yesterday! There was actually a significant discrepancy with my prerequisite GPA calculations on their end...thankfully I got it cleared up and received an interview a few hours later.
  4. If you get waitlisted you only stay on the list until the class starts (given someone drops). They don’t roll to the next year.
  5. To those who received offers yesterday, are you in-state or out of state?
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