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  1. it said “No Caller ID” on my phone when she called idk if that helps!
  2. Yes Ms Azor called me yesterday around 1230pm. She said she would call either yesterday or today
  3. i just received an acceptance email as well! i would love to join a fb group. i felt as though we didn’t get enough info during the interview so i have a lot of questions!!
  4. from reading the forum from last year, it looks like this school has issues with communication sometimes. it looks like a lot of people never heard anything back (like not even a denial email) and they even sent a bunch of people acceptances on accident without being interviewed.
  5. has anyone gotten an update on whether the pa club hours for today are still happening or not?
  6. Hey guys! I had emailed Ms Azor yesterday regarding my interview this friday 3/13 and she said it was still happening as planned. Unless someone has heard anything else I believe it will still be happening! I don’t know about PA hours though but I am also curious. “Interviews will happen on March 13th as planned, until further notice. Ms. Azor”
  7. Hi everyone! I applied back in early November and just received an invitation to interview on 3/26.
  8. interviewed 1/22 and got the acceptance call yesterday! so excited i can’t believe it!
  9. just received an invite to the 1/22 interview! very surprised considering i turned in the supplemental on 10/6
  10. thanks this is helpful! I received an interview invitation yesterday and will be interviewing 1/14!
  11. it probably varies from year to year but in last year's forum there were at least 5 people that posted about being accepted off the waitlist!
  12. I'm in the same boat as you! I emailed them on 10/14 just confirming that my application was complete due to a missing reference and they responded right away. I then emailed them on 10/31 regarding my status and still haven't heard back.
  13. I just looked at the thread for the 2018-2019 cycle and it looks like they had interviews from October to May.
  14. interviewed 10/28 and just received the invitation for the secondary app!
  15. i don’t think so! i’ve seen people do it before and the school usually puts it away somewhere for you.
  16. Hi everybody! I'm coming from Florida and I'm so excited to meet everyone. I will not be able to meet up for coffee but I'll be at the meet and greet. Does anyone know how many people are going to be at this interview session?
  17. I was also waitlisted and interviewed for the dual degree program. I don't think the dual program affects our chance of acceptance because I read somewhere that you need to be accepted to the PA program first.
  18. if they follow the same timeline as last year we should be hearing back this week and next week! looks like they call the people that were accepted and email about the alternate list and rejections (those that did and did not interview). good luck everyone!
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