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  1. You're probably right but I'm dreading that. i did an online one for EMU where it was just me filming myself answering three questions. I was so awkward and it went so poorly. I hope UDM's version would at least include a live video chat instead of filming yourself talking to no one! That'd be my only salvation at this point!
  2. Yep, got a call on Friday it was cancelled and was told they'd have more info by Monday. Clearly that is now TBA instead.
  3. I called a few hours ago. They will get back to people closer to the end of the week, not today as stated previously
  4. Got a call yesterday afternoon to interview. I forgot to ask if it's just the half hour interview or if there's a tour or some other component as well? Just trying to plan out my day
  5. I got in off the waitlist and I'm a little uneasy about the fact that no one has posted about their acceptances or a Facebook group etc. for accepted students...
  6. Just called. They will be emailing everyone by the end of the week with interview details etc.
  7. If I've submitted my application and secondary back in August and have not heard back from PSU, nor have I heard back when I attempted to update my healthcare hours. I'm nervous by nature. Does this mean anything significant or it just means I should wait and be more patient?
  8. I have an interview tomorrow. One of the forms you need to bring to the interview requires your signature with a student ID. Anyone know where I can find my ID?
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