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  1. Hey guys, just checking in to see if anyone who interviewed on 07/16 has heard anything back from Rutgers.
  2. As long as you haven't received a rejection letter from them, don't lose hope. Sometimes they take their time to give a response, but that does not mean a rejection.
  3. Yes please, share your stats. And Congrats to all who have received and interview invitation!
  4. 3.88cGPA, 3.8sGPA, did 2 minors(chem and Spanish). Over 4000 Hours of PCE, over 600 hours of HCE(current job). Worked as a CNA, CMA and Phlebotomist 55 hours of research, was involved in campus activities (medical sciences club(president), Spanish club(Vice President), 3 choirs, theatre, etc. 40 shadowing hours(family Med, pediatric pulmonology and cystic fibrosis, pediatric ortho and dermatology) and over 300 hours of volunteering in both medical and non medical. Im so nervous since it’s my first time applying. I wish everyone the best of luck and I hope we get in!
  5. Wow, that’s impressive! I’m a first time applicant as well and I’m very nervous too.
  6. Same here! Rutgers is my top choice. Hope I make it in! What are your stats?
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