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  1. I honestly don't think so. I just registered on it on flexreg then I used the username and pass to login to blackboard and was able to see my course! I hope there aren't any more steps because that's all I did too!
  2. Thank you for the tips, i'll definitely look into Chad's and Chegg's!! And yeah I did, I actually had to call to get it cause I had no idea and I couldn't login but they were able to resolve the problem for me pretty efficiently! Best of luck to you!!
  3. For me this is a retake class and I got an A in the lab so it's just the lecture and my advisor for PA school was the one that told me to take this course online through UNE so that's the only reason why i'm doing it but I understand the concern! I wouldn't of done it if the school I wanted to go to didn't take it!
  4. tomorrow is my first day so I haven't and I didn't take chem 1 through UNE so I can't give you any input but wishing you the best of luck with it! From what I hear if you stay on top of it and do what is required you should be able to pass with a good grade!
  5. Thank you for encouragement! Also, if you don't mind sharing...what online study tools did you use to help you? I definitely cannot learn or sit through dry lectures!
  6. Thank you for advice! DO you think it's possible to complete the course in 6-7 weeks if this is the only course I am taking as well as working part-time? How much time per week would you use you dedicated to your course?
  7. Hey guys, I will be applying to PA school this cycle and I was talking to an admissions counselor at the PA school I am interested in going (in my home town) about my academic record/healthcare experience and how I can be a more competitive applicant. In conclusion, she recommended I re-take Gen Chem II cause I got a D the first time I took it. Some background on me is that I have a cGPA of 3.1 and I knew that wasn't competitive enough for PA school and decided to get a Master's in Science which I got a cGPA of 3.5 with a sGPA of 3.6. I figured that since I took a lot of upper level chemistry and biochem courses in grad school it would counteract my D in gen chem II. However, they don't factor in grad grades with the undergrad pre-req grades which I should've known and feel stupid that I don't so I am looking at retaking gen chem over the summer before Aug 1. Other areas of my app are very strong with a good enough GRE, over 2,500 healthcare hours and other volunteer experience. This is literally my last battle and any advice would be amazing! SO she recommended I take Gen Chem II online at UNE (University of New England) and she said I;d be able to finish that in 8 weeks. I absolutely hated GC II and I really need to pull off an A. I've never experienced taking an online class through UNE...if any of you guys have had any experience and how hard you think it would be to pull off an A that would be greatly appreciated!!
  8. Hey guys, So I am interested in my state program and they require a science GPA of 3.0 and I read on an older thread from the school i'm interested in that a person didn't qualify because their BCP gpa was lower than 3.0 but their science GPA was above that. I calculated my BCP GPA on an excel sheet I found online through CASPA and I am below a 3.0...does this mean that once I submit CASPA and my BCP GPA is calculate my application is void. Since it doesn't meet that schools requirement they may not get to see the rest of my application at all? I think I have so quality things as well as a Master's in Science with a 3.5 GPA and this is THE school I want to go too. I am kinda nervous as to what to do....
  9. Hi, I am a fellow Kentucky resident and will be applying to Sullivan...I had a couple questions regarding GPA calculations - So my science GPA is higher than 3.0 since I have taken advanced science courses as well as a Masters degree with some higher level science courses but apparently CAPSA does GPA based on the basic BCP way and that for me is lower than 3.0. Will this weed out my CASPA application from applying to Sullivan as it is my top choice? - Can my graduate science GPA play a role in my overall science GPA as well? Thank you in advance, from an excited future PA
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