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  1. For people who have already interviewed, how professional is your headshot? Do you wear a whole suit, or did it not really matter..? Additionally, does anybody interviewing on 9/13 want to get dinner the night before? I’m coming in from out of town and don’t know anyone in the city!
  2. I don’t recall there being a “you pass the first phase email.” The first correspondence I got was an interview invite!! It came probably two or three weeks after I got verified on CASPA
  3. Hey, I think you have great stats they told us at the interview that they are doing one a month until January. I think you still have a shot if you apply, it’s not too late IMO
  4. I think Maryn said she was gonna send a link to one soon. My guess will be after the next group gets accepted
  5. Got mine too! Good luck to all those who got accepted
  6. Hey guys! I made a separate thread for those who got accepted. Come drop by!
  7. Hey y’all! Thought I would make a thread for those who got accepted
  8. I had messaged Day with a PA (who graduated from the program) on instagram about it! He said it's super relaxing, and then sent me a link to this video, which i found super helpful!!
  9. competitiveness is a relative term. i have been denied from programs that are deemed "not competitive" and have been offered interviews to several that are regarded as "very competitive." there is still plenty of time left before the application closes. I would go ahead and apply! you never know!
  10. congrats on your acceptance! i can't wait to see the program in september, hopefully i'll have a similar experience
  11. Inorganic chemistry is the same as general chemistry, which is required!
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