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  1. Check your Emory email! Someone is sending a link to the FB page and our GroupMe!
  2. Hey y’all! Congrats to everyone who got calls today!! Looking forward to meeting you guys Go check out the “accepted students” thread for a link to the fb group as well!
  3. Hey yall! It’s October 1st, meaning FAFSA is open for next year! Don’t forget to fill yours out. Hooray for drowning in loans
  4. This was super super helpful and makes me feel better about the PANCE issue. Thank you for taking the time to reply! I hope everything is going well at Mercer for you!
  5. Hey yall! I was offered an interview today, but declined due to being accepted to my top program. Hopefully that opens a slot for someone else! Good luck
  6. Hey y'all! just found this group! also living in atlanta, would love to connect as well!! just put my deposit down and am so excited for next august!
  7. yay for classmates! congrats to everyone who was just accepted! can't wait to meet y'all!
  8. Hey y’all! I was accepted to a school closer to home and have given my spot up at Rosalind! I hope that opens something up for someone! Good luck
  9. I just got my phone call as well! I can’t believe it!!!!!!!
  10. For people who have already interviewed, how professional is your headshot? Do you wear a whole suit, or did it not really matter..? Additionally, does anybody interviewing on 9/13 want to get dinner the night before? I’m coming in from out of town and don’t know anyone in the city!
  11. I don’t recall there being a “you pass the first phase email.” The first correspondence I got was an interview invite!! It came probably two or three weeks after I got verified on CASPA
  12. Hey, I think you have great stats they told us at the interview that they are doing one a month until January. I think you still have a shot if you apply, it’s not too late IMO
  13. I think Maryn said she was gonna send a link to one soon. My guess will be after the next group gets accepted
  14. Got mine too! Good luck to all those who got accepted
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