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  1. I'll be starting school in the summer and I'm trying to figure out what device to use for notes/studying.. I currently have an older macbook air, but am trying to decide if I should get an iPad Pro or Air to supplement it or go all new and get a Surface Pro?? Or just get a newer macbook? Any advice?? Do many people use tablets or are laptops better?
  2. I just made one then! Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/724189614715345/ Anyone who is attending should join so we can meet each other some
  3. does anyone know if there is a facebook page for the class of 2022?? If there isnt, I was debating making one, but admissions made it sound like there might be one already
  4. Just received mine as well!! Interviewed Sept 20th. SO excited!
  5. I was Sept 20th so same boat! Goodluck as well!
  6. has anyone who interviewed heard back recently?
  7. Got an email invite today! I’ll be interviewing 9/20! Caspa verified June 18th
  8. Those of you that received an interview invite already, what are your stats?
  9. Hi! I submitted CASPA 6/13 and was verified 6/18. I submitted my Yale supplemental on 6/26 but the only email I’ve gotten was then that my supplemental will only be reviewed once my CASPA is fully verified... I’ve gotten no other communication, though.
  10. My email didn’t have attached questions. Interesting
  11. Hi everyone! I got and email June 24th that my verified app was received and I will get the secondary application in the coming weeks. I was wondering if anyone else who submitted around me has gotten that supplemental yet?
  12. If I have my general psych prereq fulfilled through credit I earned from AP Psych, do I need to send my college board score report? My Purdue transcript shows the credit as AP and accepted for a psy course.
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