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  1. Is bate's still available? Do you happen to have the Comprehensive review for the PA certification exam book?
  2. I resent my syllabus to the program, asking them to review it once more
  3. Just received an invite for the 10/25 interview. I've already scheduled an interview for that day else where Also I'm kinda of confused; it seems like the 10/25 interview will only be happening IF there are still seats available after the 10/11 interview? is that what you understood @EyeSeeU?
  4. Received an email saying my prerequisites don't qualify......I've emailed them back asking for clarifications. Does anyone know if the 10/25 interviews are the last ones for CBU?
  5. Just got an email from Mr. Dixon saying that my application was scored but did not qualify as one of the most qualified applications. Good luck to all those who were awarded this time around!
  6. Just got this response from Mr. Dixon today: "The competition is very steep this year. 314 applicants for the PA Scholarship, 271 Qualified applicants, 16 already selected, 1 declined. Possible 30-40 scholarships will be given out for PAs."
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