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  1. Anyone have any insight on whether or not the start of the spring semester will be online/hybrid/in person? What do you guys think? I'm curious b/c I'm not local.
  2. congrats! when did you get the email? Seems like they are still sending out invites!
  3. I actually had an interview for a different school via zoom a few days ago.. it wasn't bad at all. It mimic'ed the same style/schedule as it would in person.
  4. I submitted mine mid February and verified by the school a few weeks after. Good luck to all! I hope we all get interviews
  5. @Lule94that's what im assuming as well.. hopefully they are still sending out interview invites
  6. @PAworld98 @Delee77 i'm right with yall.. still waiting on an interview invite! fingers crossed. it must be a mess with all thats going on right now...
  7. is anyone still waiting on hearing back? I am still... congrats to everyone who got an interview though!
  8. @nts19 I have my interview later this month.. how was it for you? whats the set up like? any tips? thanks!
  9. congrats to all that received interviews! I'm still waiting on hearing back! fingers crossed gl all!
  10. I just submitted my application today! will be checking here periodically for updates.
  11. I applied in around mid-dec 2019. Haven't heard back yet...
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