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  1. There does seem to be a lot of waitlisted people. I wonder if they expect many of their offers to be either turned down or accepted then not filled or deferred. Regardless, good luck to all of those accepted and those waitlisted!
  2. Not to hijack this and make this about waitlisted persons, but (totally just negated my opening statement) does anyone know when Campbell stops doing interviews? I know there were 22 spots left last Friday (20 Sep); just trying to game this and guesstimate the potential for being moved from wait to accepted. Thanks in advance for any info and thank you for well wishes! Congrats to all those accepted!!!
  3. I received an email a couple of hours ago and I'm also waitlisted. A buddy of mine who also interviewed on 9/20 was waitlisted too; I wish they would say why. Praying for everyone to get in!!!
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