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  1. I interviewed October 15th and have not heard back.
  2. If you become a part of the UWF Physician Assistant Pipeline Program (PAPP), do they pay for your tuition?
  3. Was the rejection letter for the last cycle or this cycle?
  4. I've only received an email titled "Nova Southeastern University CASPA Ft. Myers Service Application Receipt" on July 13. Applied July 1 CASPA verified July 10 Supplemental Submitted July 20 "
  5. Got an email August 7th stating my application was received.
  6. Submitted CASPA July 1. Verified July 10. South University Savannah notified me that the application was received July 10 and South University Tampa notified me on July 15. I did not get a confirmation/received email from South University West Palm. Does anyone have an admissions contact we could reach out to? Guess I applied too late
  7. Got an interview invite two days ago! Will be interviewing Aug 13. CASPA was verified on July 10.
  8. Hi everyone! Does this school do rolling admissions? Were there any additional essays/short answer questions on the supplemental?
  9. I got an email the day after applying stating: "We are excited to embark on another application cycle and thank you for your interest in the Master in Physician Assistant Studies at Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. This email confirms that we have received your application for the 2020-2021 cycle, your application will be evaluated and updates will be sent to the email address listed on your CASPA application as we progress through the admissions process. Visit the FIU MPAS website to ensure you have complied with all the requirements necessary for your application to be considered. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at paschool@fiu.edu. MPAS appreciates the time invested in completing your application and wishes you the best of luck in the application process. Regards, MPAS"
  10. are there any free responses/essays in the supplemental?
  11. Hi! Has anyone been able to find the deadlines for this program? I know applications open May 15, but I haven't found when I should submit everything by. Does this program have rolling admissions? Thanks!
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