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  1. Hmm. Mine still has the pa interview up. And I can still login and see my application.
  2. I feel like they are definitely doing something today. My application checklist always said 33%, now it says 100 %.
  3. Hey how’s everyone hanging in there who hasn’t heard anything? Keep your head up. Don’t loose hope, it’s not over until we receive a rejection. Im still praying myself.
  4. Thank you so much. That is great to hear. It’s not over until it’s official in email form. Even then, it’s not over for those who truly want to be a PA, we will never give up until we are a provider. For myself, that’s at EVMS in particular.
  5. That is definitely good to hear. Gives me hope. I’ve been working years for this.
  6. Did anyone still have the interview tab and not student handbook and then the acceptance offer ?
  7. Congrats to those you have the offer. Do they send out offers more than one day?
  8. Omg. Y’all are making me so nervous. Mine still has pa interview and no student handbook link. I’m just praying to god!
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