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  1. I just got pulled off of the waitlist! I am SO excited to meet ya'll in May. Can someone add me to the facebook page? My fb name is Alisa Ferguson
  2. Of course! This process is stressful, so I’ll help other people any time I can! I submitted 2 days after it opened! They had some technology problems the first day or so so I submitted as soon as I could.
  3. During my interview they asked how many of us had already taken the CASPer and mentioned that they hadn’t received the scores yet, so I don’t think that will hold them up from offering you an interview!
  4. I'm interviewing on Friday too, looking forward to meeting ya'll! @RSkillen@kaley
  5. @Ktowe5 Yes, go to this link and put in your information https://webapps.augusta.edu/pls/apex/f?p=161:LOGIN:
  6. @demolauren I found out I was in the afternoon session from the email Jessica sent!
  7. I am interviewing the 26th during the afternoon session! Anyone else?
  8. Hey guys! My application is currently under review- hopefully I will get an interview! Good luck to all interviewing tomorrow
  9. Hey all! I got an email yesterday denying an interview. My application got submitted late- so I'm hoping that's why. Stats: 312 gre 3.88 overall GPA 3.8 science and math GPA ~1700 hrs in shadowing and clinical experience (150 shadowing, 1500 rad therapy clinicals). Good luck to everyone else applying/waiting!
  10. @NikPA make sure you go into caspa and click on the tab that says check status! They hadn't received my transcript with the 1st school I had applied to so my application was never truly done. They send out a verified email before they get transcripts, but your application does not get sent to the school until they receive and check your transcripts! I would check that just to make sure your caspa is truly done!
  11. Hey all! I submitted my application to South 3 days ago and am super nervous/excited! South is my top choice! Good luck to all!
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