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  1. I had almost the exact same timeline and agree with everything said above! I submitted CASPA 5/10, verified 5/13. Submitted AMC supplement on 5/13, and application was complete 5/20 (when my 3rd LOR was submitted). Invited to interview on 5/29, interviewed and accepted on 6/5. My GPA and GRE were above their published averages, and I currently work at AMC so still getting PCE, plus an 11-month internship with PCE last year. I was nervous for the interview, but it's a laid-back day overall - info sessions on the overall program, didactic part, and clinical part, then two one-on-one interviews with faculty, ~30 min each. Mine were pretty conversational, and they didn't ask any tricky/scary questions - just tried to get to know me and fill in any gaps in my application. Definitely be able to talk about why you want to be a PA and how your past experiences have gotten you here/contribute to that goal. I turned in my deposit 6/7 and am 98% sure I'll be there in January - hope to see you guys there!! Good luck to those with upcoming interviews!
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