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  1. Oh gosh. Im honestly don't even know if I remember anymore. I think my GRE was 306. Overall GPA was 3.5; Science GPA was about a 3.2 I had about 5000 hours of PCE I did about 2000 hours of research in a lab during undergrad. I was a teaching assistant for a biology lab. I also had about 500 hours of volunteer hours. And I was also in 2 publications for my research.
  2. You mean a place to live once I got in? I was worried about that too but that was more than enough time to find a place. I’m from baltimore. I got accepted in early May. I didn’t go down to tour apartments until late June. I found places that I was interested in but I wasn’t planning on moving down here until August. And even then some of the places wouldn’t let you start the leasing process because some places can’t hold an apartment for more than a month out from the move in date. So I had to wait until a month before I moved down to secure the place I moved into.
  3. Definitely! Again, I didn’t even interview until mid April. I’m not sure how late they’re gonna do interviews this cycle but I know they’re still in the process of interviewing.
  4. Hey all! I’m currently a first year PA student at Barry. We’re about to start the 2nd semester of didactic in a few weeks. I’ve had a few people reach out to me on here with a few questions. But I just wanted to give a few words of encouragement. Last cycle I didn’t submit my application until late September just because it was my first time applying and CASPA took me way longer than I anticipated. I was nervous that I wouldn’t even get any interviews but I ended up interviewing at 3 schools. In October I got an email saying that Barry received my application and then in March I got an email saying they were reviewing my application. It wasn’t until early April that I got an interview and accepted an interview for the 2nd week of April. 2 weeks later I received my acceptance in the first week of May. Now I’m already finished my first semester of didactic. So with all that said my point is that it’s not too late. So don’t lose hope!
  5. Hey everyone, My name is Tiffany. I interviewed for the Miami campus on 4/12 and was accepted 5/3. I can't wait to meet everyone. I'm moving to Miami from Maryland so if anyone has advice on where to look for housing or potential roommates hit me up!
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