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  1. Thank you everyone!! I forgot to put that I had around 300 hours of non-medical volunteering but one of the schools that rejected me definitely wants applicants that have thousands of hours from like mission trips I later learned. So far I have a list of 10 to apply to next cycle and will get some more shadowing in! I will for sure be reading some interview material and do more mock interviewing, as well. I'm thinking I came off too analytical in the interviews and didn't show my true compassion for patients and convince them I REALLY wanted to be a PA.
  2. Hello everyone! Feeling a little discouraged after this app cycle and wanted to seek some advice of improvements on my application for next cycle. Really bummed I wasn't accepted and feedback from the schools was not very helpful. I applied to 3 schools with interviews at each and was rejected from my state school and a private college nearby and waitlisted at another. cGPA: 3.97 sGPA: 3.96 GRE: 306 PCE: 900 as a CNA (I'm at 1400 and counting right now) HCE: 220 as a hospital volunteer Shadowing: 38 hours Research: 500 with a publication and presented at 2 conferences LORs: PA, research PI, Lead RN at work Feeling like it's my interviewing that needs work so if anyone recommends any material to improve, it would be appreciated! Thank you!!
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