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  1. Thank you for the reply! Yeah I'm 23 years old, so just fresh into my first job and am the only one providing for myself financially. I'm starting to think that the prereq while I work route is the best for me, but I would need to find a PA to shadow to get some health care experience. I have been looking at the PA program at The City College of New York. It seems reputable and has the required accreditations, but do you have any insight into this school? I can't really find a good source anywhere speaking to how "good" of a school it is and what kind of opportunities I'll have after. I originally chose this school because it is conveniently located for me and does not require the GRE or any specific kind of healthcare experience (meaning that shadowing a PA will suffice).
  2. I went to University of Delaware and have no plans or wish to move back there. Whatever path I choose forward would probably need to be New York based. Would it perhaps be an option to take these prerequisites at the school I plan to do the PA program at?
  3. Hello! First, a little background. I currently have an undergraduate degree in Finance and Management Information Systems from a traditional 4 year school. I have since been working full time as a software engineer for almost a year now. This career path just isn't sitting right with me and after some research, becoming a PA seems like a better option for me. That being said, I know it is a somewhat long road for me to get there. One path that I am considering is applying for a second degree program in nursing, becoming a RN, and then applying to PA school after 1+ year in nursing experience. I understand that there are potentially other routes to take and would like to hear some opinions on how I might go about this. Other information that may be useful: Finished undergrad with about a 3.45 gpa (over 3.7 in sciences, only a few science classes) Based in NYC, not planning on moving I need to keep working during any school I do. In the RN example, I would be taking classes outside of my working hours (roughly 9 am - 5:30 pm Mon - Fri) until I can get a RN job, at which point I would quit my current job. Please let me know if you need any additional info! Thanks EDIT: Open to taking the GRE if that would be helpful for a path besides the RN path, pretty good at test taking so can expect to do well on that
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