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  1. I know our program takes our first round of EORs tomorrow & we're in seat/proctored
  2. For those who were pulled off the waitlist, did they call or email? Congrats to those being accepted here and elsewhere! Exciting times!!
  3. I interviewed last Friday and found out that I got added to the waitlist this morning! They told us while we were there that all 24 seats had been offered and they were waiting to hear back until pulling from the waitlist! Good luck everyone!
  4. I also interviewed at the first interview in June and haven't heard anything!
  5. As far as I'm aware, the last interview group I've seen is the August 26th-27th group! Hoping they start with offers shortly after that!
  6. Hey all! I was verified back in early May and still have yet to hear anything back. Does anyone know if they send out rejection letters? Trying to be patient but it is growing harder and harder with all the interview invites being sent out!
  7. Received my interview offer for 6/24-6/25 as well! Excited for the opportunity & to meet everyone!
  8. Hey guys! I am having trouble finding the supplemental application for this program. Where did you go to find this?
  9. Correct! As long as you've been verified in CASPA, they'll send you an email shortly telling you the next step is to submit your GRE scores. If you've already done that, they ask to allow "3 weeks" to update you of your admission status (however, looking back at threads from previous years it takes a little longer than 3 weeks)!
  10. I was verified 5/6 and received an email from them on 5/9 acknowledging that they had received my application. I'd expect an email from them in a few days since it'll probably take a little longer with their larger volume of applicants during this time! Good luck!
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