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  1. Okay..*eyes rolled* Hope any POC that is a patient of yours is not dismissed with dismissive attitude you bring to an argument when receiving a treatment.
  2. I was not sure if I should reply to you, however, to equate that only "liberals/leftists/progressives use data to prove their point all the time" is absolutely false. I do not know where you watch your new or get your information from. But both side do exactly the same thing. You did the same thing in trying to define your statement. I am all for people agreeing to disagree, but just calling out a different group that have different opinion as you to justify your argument makes it weak. Another point you made that is absolutely false is that racial disparities is not a result of RACISM,. Again, I do not know where you got your fact/data from but as someone who is a POC, I can tell you that RACISM, is the number factor for why there are disparities based on a person perceived race. I can go into details with you, but I already know we will agree to disagree so I will save my typing strength as my keyboard is not the easiest to type with.
  3. OHSU is a top among the top 10 PA school currently, so it would be interesting to see why you think is not in the same league, considering GW is ranked #5. Also, OHSU has finalized the incoming class for 2022, so I am curious if OP is asking for in the future or still sitting on her acceptance, when the class has been finalized.
  4. I am a soon to matriculate PA-S, I have always had interest in anesthesiology and plan on doing a rotation during my clinical year. Please do update us if this program ever develops. I will be interested.
  5. My take is Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, thanks google. lol
  6. Gt well soon, Re. We still need our moderator and avid, PA full autonomy advocate around for a long long time in this our journey .
  7. Oregon State University Student health services have 3 PA's. More NP than PA though, yet still doable.
  8. So @EMEDPA, are you saying that using the reference, 3rd world country is appropriate. I could not tell from reading you post?
  9. First, great post there however, to correct a misconception I think for someone interested in service to vulnerable populations should know.... There is NOTHING like a 3rd world country. Instead, developing country would suffice. I think it was necessary to call this out not because your intentions are not good but, it needed to be said. I hear so many folks use this term which, I personally find to be degrading and it takes away from all your good intentions if you can't at least know how to describe the population you want to serve.
  10. Sending positive vibe your way. Hope for a good news for you and everyone waiting. I know it can be tough losing patience but keep knowing a no answer continue to move the tread in your favor.
  11. Great EstherM, I can wait unit then. yeah, I interviewed on 10/7 and I accepted the offer and excited to be joining the 2022 cohort.
  12. Just check if accepted student are not interested in starting a Facebook page to start connecting before program start? I have not heard from anyone other than one person that expressed interest.
  13. No follow up. That would be great, if you are able to.
  14. is any one starting a Facebook page for accepted folks. I think it would be great to start connecting and getting to know future classmates. For those still waiting to hear back, I am sending positive vibes and energy your way. Do not feel discouraged yet, good news coming your way soon. We will make good PAs, some day.
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