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  1. Hi there! I have spend the last week looking specifically for these types of programs and am running into a wall based on timing of prereq completion varying etc. So far i have rosalind franklin (60cr cGPA, still 2.75 regardless), WMU (last 60 cGPA), university of iowa (last 40cr for sGPA only) case western (40cr for both cGPA and sGPA), and campbell (last 60cr for cGPA). Have you or anyone else been able to find any others besides these?
  2. I was wondering which GPA schools use during the admissions process. Undergrad, my CASPA calculated cumulative is 2.21 (i know, i know...) im currently in a masters in biology for health professions program and after two semesters my GPA is 3.42. using the CASPA GPA calculator spreadsheet, my cumulative with undergrad and grad is 2.4. which means i have to pick the correct schools in terms of GPA requirements etc. My question is will schools use only the CASPA cGPA to see if you meet the GPA requirement listed for their program? Do they look at sGPA moreso than cGPA? Do they take into account the 3.42 in graduate science courses regardless, or do I have to apply only to schools with the low GPA requirements OR the ones looking at most recent 40/60 credit hours?
  3. I am also applying this cycle but if I were you I would list the coordinator who runs the program in the facility you volunteered at. At least the coordinator can verify the program happens there when you said it did and maybe they have records of your volunteering/you can email them and show them what you have recorded yourself
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