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  1. That is exactly what I was told on the phone, it seemed like the problem was I just didn't log on quick enough to select and interview and that there is a possibility the same thing will happen again in February. I didn't get any clear answers from whoever I talked to on the phone.
  2. seems like it, I am disappointed there was nothing else they could do and that it didn't sound like an interview was guaranteed even though I was offered one..
  3. Oh no, I meant that I got offered an interview and went to sign up, but both dates in November were full at 3:30 and they said to try again in February so I called and ask if I could interview in November because I am very interested in their program and I got accepted to a program that begins in January and they said no everything in November is full for interviews and apparently they have a waitlist of people to get an interview in November if people can't attend and the wait lists are also full. She also said that if I want to get an interview in February I will have to log on right away and select a time before they are gone again. Sorry for the confusion!!
  4. I have the same problem, I tried calling them and asking if there was any way I could interview in November and they said that all of their wait lists are full too. The program I was accepted to starts January
  5. I haven't gotten a rejection or an interview yet is this good/ bad? Is anyone else in the same position?
  6. yeah I am worried about morning traffic too, might just wake up extra extra early. I applied at the beginning of June.
  7. I'm interviewing then too! I am from MA but it's like a 3.5 hour drive for me
  8. I am from Cape Cod, MA. I think I am going to stay at my sister's apartment in worcester which is still 2 hours away and try to get there at 8AM so wake up very early.
  9. YAY! I am so excited can't wait to meet everybody! I am debating getting a hotel the night before or just driving in the morning
  10. Just got a call and am interviewing on September 6th at 9am is anybody else?! Very nervous and excited this is my first interview!!
  11. Is anyone going to the info session tomorrow evening from 5:30-7? Just wondering if this is worth my time.
  12. Applied this cycle to MCPHS Boston and signed up for the info session tomorrow evening. Just wondering if anybody went was this worth your time/ something I should attend?
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