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  1. Sounds like they'll likely be doing 2 more interview dates.
  2. I would say too early, because my interview invite mentioned that there would be a second session of interviews!
  3. Someone told me it is MMI style and I read it previous years postings that there are multiple interviews with 1-2 faculty and then a group activity.
  4. I found this on their website as well, so no news yet is not necessarily bad news: "Students are notified via letter about their admission status, which may include accepted, waitlisted, or denied admission."
  5. Let me just take that back! I received an interview invite approximately 5 minutes after posting that! Interview July 11th.
  6. I was verified May 20th and have only gotten a confirmation email saying what prerequisites I have completed and that they will begin to review my application shortly. Haven't heard anything since I submitted though!
  7. My course work was verified May 20th and I have not gotten anything specifically from Bethel just yet.
  8. This is the first year they are rolling admissions. I have already submitted my application, and it said the first interview will be in October. However, they also said that they are already reviewing my application. So, you may have a better chance of getting an interview spot if you submit early. Just my thoughts, I'm no expert on the process.
  9. Has anyone attempted the supplemental application yet for Augsburg? I was just looking on the website and I am not seeing the PA supplemental application come up, just the "general" grad school application.
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