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  1. I attended an online information session, and from my understanding they no longer have the two admission tracks. So, I believe some of their requirements have changed as a result.
  2. Happy CASPA opening day! Good luck to everyone applying this year!
  3. Anyone hear any news? Anyone moving off the wait list?
  4. I have not heard any additional information. However, I am still on the wait list! Best of luck to you all!
  5. I also got a waitlist email today from the 10/25 afternoon interview.
  6. I have not heard anything about any decisions yet from Augsburg. However, they sent an email to (I believe) everyone who interviewed that day asking for updated coursework information - which they want us to send in by November 1st. This has me thinking we probably will not hear anything back until next week?
  7. I got it this morning, and I also got a confirmation that they received my accept/decline after submitting today.
  8. Who knows! Could just mean you live further away.
  9. Received a rejection email today after no interview.
  10. Got a rejection letter today. Interviewed back in July.
  11. I haven't received anything else after sending in the RSVP. It sounds like the last group didn't get any information right away either.
  12. CASPA verified May 20. Augsburg verified July 30.
  13. Got an invite today to interview on October 25th! Hope to see some of you there!
  14. So, when are your interview dates for those of you who just received invites?
  15. There are some posts earlier about this. However, I do not think it would affect you, as it stated in the email if you received that. They will not be placed on accreditation probation until June of 2021, and even so while they are on accreditation probation they will remain fully accredited. If anything, it may be good for students as it sounds like they are reviewing their program and making improvements!
  16. Got an update email today stating they are still reviewing applications and will be sending out additional interview invites at a later time. They also said they will be having several interview sessions over the next three months!
  17. I would say a super relaxed MMI style (no super weird questions though, so no need to freak out). Also, you get a tour! When is your interview? CONGRATS!
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