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  1. @madi.loruss that's reassuring! I hope your advisor is right and hopefully there are more admissions decisions to come!!
  2. Also dealing with a lot of emotions. This is just such a crazy process. Like others have said, I'm hoping that maybe there are more calls going out since our interview group was so large. However, it's hard not to think that it's just not going to happen for me! Trying to stay positive!
  3. Congratulations! Makes me think that's maybe it for the day. Congrats to everyone who got the call! You all are going to be amazing.
  4. Oh wow, thanks for the info. I guess I won't get my hopes up too much that anyone will hear anything today.
  5. There were 88 people in the second round of interviews!! Wow!! I did not count, but that just sounds like so many. Hopefully that means more get accepted from the second round.
  6. Has anyone heard anything yet? Eagerly awaiting over here.
  7. No problem at all. My application was under review on May 19th.
  8. @Gretch1212 welcome & good luck (not that you need luck )!!
  9. Replying to myself: just got an update from my advisor stating I could hear back, at the earliest, this week. He also said he would update me if this changes. About lost it when I saw Connecticut come up on my phone though.
  10. Every time my phone goes off, my heart rate goes up! Hello, anxiety! Anyone else not sleeping well? I am so excited to hear who gets accepted - hoping it is everyone I met in my small group, because they were all beautiful people. I'm also glad I've got a full schedule this week.. so, at least I can forget about things for a couple minutes while I wait to hear about an admissions decision. WE GOT THIS. Yale definitely has some hard decisions to make. You all are amazing.
  11. I was about to say the same thing - I'm positive I was with @emilymuff! So hopeful that we'll all be classmates! I thoroughly enjoyed learning about you all and hearing about your backgrounds. They're right - truly a diverse group!
  12. Yeah! My advisor told me 2-3 weeks from the date of my 2nd interview!
  13. Well I had no idea they did this until I saw your post, so thank YOU for the information! It's very helpful.
  14. Thanks for this info, where did you find it? I just went on to their website and found, "The application deadline is August 1 (11:59 p.m. EST) for enrollment in the fall of the following year."
  15. I tried this and couldn't get it to work. The code: PREPACLUB works for 15% off a mock interview though. Edit: I figured out it's 50% off the interview course through the PA platform with that code!
  16. Good luck to you! I hope you get an interview!!
  17. @Aroohoo well said! I know there is at least one guy on this forum too. Otherwise, I have loved reading all of your posts. It's amazing to feel the positivity. I usually get extremely anxious about interviewing - this is my second time applying. However, reading these posts has been so uplifting that I feel less anxious and extremely excited! I would love to be in a cohort with any of you, and if not I would love to someday work with some of you!
  18. I've been cleaning house, tending to my gardens, watching cooking shows, writing letters, my yoga studio opened, and my dog training classes have opened back up! (Things are feeling more "normal") First day back since COVID, and my pup leveled up to level 2/4 in training (shooting for her canine good citizen certificate)!! I'm training her to be a therapy dog, so I can volunteer WITH HER! The dream...
  19. Hello fellow dog mom! I don't know about you, but my pup has been helping to keep me calm and grounded during all of this craziness!
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