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  1. I also received an interview invite today for 9/28, but will be turning it down! So, don't get your hopes down if you have not gotten an invite just yet! YOU GOT THIS!
  2. If I were you, I would just hold out. I know the wait is terrible, but we know things were delayed, given that the application deadline was delayed.
  3. I haven't heard anything aside from a confirmation email that my application is all verified.
  4. I have felt this not only with online interviews but even sometimes with in-person. It's such an odd process, and it'll happen for you (hopefully this year ). You've done all you can at this point. Wishing you luck (and hoping I hear something soon)!
  5. Congrats to all of you interviewing! Wishing I was in your shoes. It's making me nervous, because I was verified in May. You all are going to crush your interviews, everyone is so nice at St. Kate's!!
  6. Hey @Tiera! I found a preceptor through a coworker. You could look into shadowing a primary care PA and ask them if they'd precept you. I know it's difficult to shadow now, but I just asked around at my work to find someone.
  7. Just got my rejection after my interview a couple weeks ago. Disappointed to say the least. Good luck to everyone.
  8. Yeah, I am feeling the same way. Not to detract at all from the successes of those who have just received interview invites. I am just trying to stay hopeful that they are still reviewing applications and we will hear back soon!
  9. I have finished two books in the past couple days. Is stress reading a thing? It has been nice to not think about anything for the weekend, like @Crschr said.
  10. You know they always say if you get waitlisted you're good enough for a seat. I got waitlisted everywhere last year, so I know it's hard still.
  11. Congrats to those waitlisted. I still have not heard a thing. Yikes, maybe my interview was as bad as I thought. Haha. Has anyone else not heard anything?
  12. Yes relatable... My husband's so nervous he's lost all his hair.
  13. I'm all out of "reactions" for the day... But I'm hoping for the best for you too!
  14. @PrePAABGL @Tiera @Shouk and anyone else waiting... Tomorrow's our day!
  15. Haha! I love this. Thanks for the laugh. That's my kind of system.
  16. Check out @hanleytm's post from about an hour ago - they said that they were told that more calls may go out tomorrow too.
  17. Okay since we're all trying to figure out what order they're doing things in, I am curious if they're doing it in groups depending on who you interviewed with. Obviously we aren't supposed to discuss who we interviewed with, just throwing this out as an option? It doesn't really seem to be following a name or time zone order.
  18. I really appreciate this info. It really helps to keep the hope
  19. Wow so happy for all of you! I'm also still trying to stay hopeful! It's so hard. Whoever posted earlier in the forum about sitting in the shower eating ice cream, I'm feeling that.
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