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  1. I also received an interview invite today for 9/28, but will be turning it down! So, don't get your hopes down if you have not gotten an invite just yet! YOU GOT THIS!
  2. If I were you, I would just hold out. I know the wait is terrible, but we know things were delayed, given that the application deadline was delayed.
  3. I haven't heard anything aside from a confirmation email that my application is all verified.
  4. I have felt this not only with online interviews but even sometimes with in-person. It's such an odd process, and it'll happen for you (hopefully this year ). You've done all you can at this point. Wishing you luck (and hoping I hear something soon)!
  5. Congrats to all of you interviewing! Wishing I was in your shoes. It's making me nervous, because I was verified in May. You all are going to crush your interviews, everyone is so nice at St. Kate's!!
  6. Hey @Tiera! I found a preceptor through a coworker. You could look into shadowing a primary care PA and ask them if they'd precept you. I know it's difficult to shadow now, but I just asked around at my work to find someone.
  7. Just got my rejection after my interview a couple weeks ago. Disappointed to say the least. Good luck to everyone.
  8. Yeah, I am feeling the same way. Not to detract at all from the successes of those who have just received interview invites. I am just trying to stay hopeful that they are still reviewing applications and we will hear back soon!
  9. I have finished two books in the past couple days. Is stress reading a thing? It has been nice to not think about anything for the weekend, like @Crschr said.
  10. You know they always say if you get waitlisted you're good enough for a seat. I got waitlisted everywhere last year, so I know it's hard still.
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