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  1. Thanks for this info, where did you find it? I just went on to their website and found, "The application deadline is August 1 (11:59 p.m. EST) for enrollment in the fall of the following year."
  2. I tried this and couldn't get it to work. The code: PREPACLUB works for 15% off a mock interview though. Edit: I figured out it's 50% off the interview course through the PA platform with that code!
  3. Good luck to you! I hope you get an interview!!
  4. @Aroohoo well said! I know there is at least one guy on this forum too. Otherwise, I have loved reading all of your posts. It's amazing to feel the positivity. I usually get extremely anxious about interviewing - this is my second time applying. However, reading these posts has been so uplifting that I feel less anxious and extremely excited! I would love to be in a cohort with any of you, and if not I would love to someday work with some of you!
  5. I've been cleaning house, tending to my gardens, watching cooking shows, writing letters, my yoga studio opened, and my dog training classes have opened back up! (Things are feeling more "normal") First day back since COVID, and my pup leveled up to level 2/4 in training (shooting for her canine good citizen certificate)!! I'm training her to be a therapy dog, so I can volunteer WITH HER! The dream...
  6. Hello fellow dog mom! I don't know about you, but my pup has been helping to keep me calm and grounded during all of this craziness!
  7. Since we've got some more people introducing themselves. I am not a mom, but I am a dog and cat mom! I am from Minnesota (anyone else?). I am currently working as a paramedic.
  8. Hello everyone! I also got extended an interview invite this morning! Application complete the week of May 18th as well.
  9. @PaLiz2021 thanks for sharing that video! I love Savanna! It was interesting to listen to them speak, and oddly comforting.
  10. https://www.bethel.edu/graduate/academics/physician-assistant/prerequisites Copied from their website: Application Requirements 250 Hours Healthcare Experience Earned B.A. or B.S. degree from a regionally accredited or internationally recognized institution Minimal GPA requirement of 3.25 overall and 3.25 overall science on a 4.0 scale as calculated by CASPA. (Note: If you took any courses for Pass/Fail during the January through May 2020 semester, you are still invited to apply, but additional documentation may be required.) Meet Program Technical Standards Any candidate meeting all application requirements with a bachelor's degree or master's degree from Bethel University will be granted an interview. Any candidate meeting all application requirements with a U.S. Military Veteran status will be granted an interview. If an international applicant, please see additional international requirements The GRE or any standardized entrance exam is NOT required for application or admission to the Bethel PA program.
  11. @melatttt good luck to you in your application! I submitted my supplemental application and fee today. I'm sure I won't hear back tonight, considering the time. I cannot wait to hear back from them!! Let the wait begin!
  12. I haven't interviewed yet, but I'm still waiting to hear anything. Application was complete 5/19 and payment received 5/29! Keep your head up!! We got this!
  13. @Graceme It sounds like you may have applied to the incorrect Bethel University! How frustrating! Is there any way that you can confirm that with the school who is emailing you? If it helps for your confirmation too, after submitting my application to Bethel University in Minnesota I got a confirmation email from Aimee.
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