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  1. I got an email June 14th that I'm on the waitlist! I read the Physician Assistant Interview Guide by Savannah Perry, PA-C, which I thought was a solid prep guide to give you an idea on questions they might ask.
  2. From my understanding, you have to take CASPer before your app is considered complete by MWU. If you were referring to the completed app consideration with CASPA, then no, as they are completely separate. Hope this answered your question! I just took my CASPer exam June 2nd.
  3. So, since they said the first day is business casual, I was going to wear slacks/dress pants and a short sleeve blouse. Second day they said interview attire, so I'm going to wear a full suit unfortunately. Hopefully we are inside most of the day! Also, is anyone else bringing a guest to the Welcome/ Program overview?
  4. Hey y'all, just thought I would start the thread for this cycle to keep up to date! Feel free to post questions, interview dates, or acceptances!
  5. Received an interview for June 11th & 12th as well! Can't wait to meet y'all there @junebug @Ewolfe @lafn04 !
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