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  1. For those waitlisted like me. Have you contacted the program? When is the latest we could potentially hear back?
  2. Anybody get a call pulling them off the waitlist? Or know roughly when the majority of those calls go out?
  3. I'm sorry for those that were accepted, keep your head up and keep moving forward
  4. I never received any update on the status of my application after my interview. Is it safe to say I was denied? Very strange considering they said they would be getting back to us after the final interview.
  5. Is the class pretty much full by the 10/4 interview? That's when mine is.
  6. Odd, not sure why they don't just email it like every other program haha.
  7. Did anyone get the letter Stephen's college was supposed to mail us about our interview itinerary? I have yet to receive mine and I confirmed my mailing address on CASPA.
  8. I was rejected. It was my first interview and I struggled on one of the sections so not totally surprised. Thank God I have another one.
  9. I was invited for interview on the 18th at 8:30 AM. Its not a mistake. I believe they have two interview days.
  10. Thought I'd start this. I applied May 22nd, anyone hear anything?
  11. Got an interview invite for 9/13, applied May 29
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