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  1. Oh thank god! I literally thought I was the only one. Ive literally been giving myself heartburn constantly my anxiety is so bad lol. Exact same though! I am beyond in love with UTMB and its 100% my top choice. I hope we both find out soon!
  2. Who else is extremely nervous for tomorrow or Wednesday that interviewed last Friday (10/25)? Hope I am not the only one!
  3. Has anyone heard anything today or yesterday about acceptances from the 10/18 interview? I am interviewing this Friday and wanted to double check on if it followed the pattern of getting acceptances the next Tuesday or Wednesday after the interview.
  4. I just got an interview invite for 11/11! Was verified on May 29th.
  5. I also received a rejection email from them this morning as well! Submitted my application in late May. Got an interview for another one that was my top choice so I am not too bummed thankfully. Good luck to everyone else!
  6. Does anyone know if we need to bring official transcripts to the interviews or can we print out unofficial ones?
  7. Congratulations, thats amazing! Could you share any tips you think helped at all or how it was set up? Thanks!
  8. I will also be doing the interview on October 25th at 7:00 am, would love to meet up that evening as well!
  9. I received an interview today at 2:40 pm! I am beyond excited and cried for about twenty minutes! My stats are as followed: Verified: 5/31 In review: 07/29 First time applicant- finishing up my Bachelor's by May Cumulative GPA: 3.81 Science GPA: 3.75 GRE (not a great standardized test taker) Verbal: 146 Quantatative: 146 Writing: 4.5 Medical stats: Shadowing: 30 hours under 4 PA's (4 different specialties) PCE: 800 hours (Optometric Assistant) HCE: 300 hours (patient care technician at home health clinic and shadowing PA) Clinical rotations high school- 250 hours at a hospital shadowing physicians and PA's Letter of Recommendations: I submitted 4 but I am not sure which ones they chose! (1 physician(OBGYN), 1 PA, 1 anatomy professor, 1 Optometrist)
  10. Congratulations! Would you mind sharing when your application was verified and texas tech confirmed it? Thanks!
  11. Has anyone gotten an interview but has not yet completed their bachelor's but will next spring (May 2020)? I am starting to wonder if that is putting me at a disadvantage even though I have all of the required prerequisites completed.
  12. Congratulations on the invite! Are you a first time applicant as well?
  13. I also received that email this morning. Hoping for an interview. Good luck everyone!
  14. I believe they do want you to include every attempt to see improvement and such. I also got the email about getting through the first review and now going on to the faculty review. I was wondering if anyone knows what that means exactly? Such as if the GPA requirement was met or what that first review consisted of.
  15. Congratulations! Would you mind sharing your stats?
  16. Hey there! I just took my CASPer test yesterday on May 14th. I also saw that but I am still hoping they send out interview invites in June like last year. I am nervous about the scoring and that we are not able to see it!
  17. Good luck to you as well! When are you planning on submitting your application?
  18. Hi Everyone! I wanted to start a forum for this application cycle, good luck to all!
  19. Hi Everyone! I wanted to start a forum for this application cycle, good luck to everyone!
  20. Hey Y'all! I wanted to start a forum for this application cycle. Good luck to everyone!
  21. Hello! Would you mind sharing your stats from last year by chance? Any reasons specifically you think you did not get in? Thanks!
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