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  1. Hey Yall! I just wanted to leave some hope and positivity here because I more than understand how stressful it is waiting! I was accepted into UTMB's program last Tuesday and I interviewed with the October 25th session and as far as I know I was the only one accepted two weeks after my session and not the direct week after like the others that got accepted from my session. So those from the November 1st session, don't lose hope yet and our facebook group only has about 50 students in it at the moment and some of those students are current students in the program right now. They could also be doing things different this year and be sending out mass acceptance emails after all of their sessions are done like most schools tend to do. So if most people are on the facebook page, they still have about 30-40 spots since they usually accept close to 90. Just wanted to give everyone that information and hopefully it provides some relief and hope to yall! Stay strong and positive

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Whoop2018 said:

    Has anyone received an acceptance, waitlist, or rejection email yet from 10/25 interview? 

    Ugh not yet! I have been anxiously waiting all day because most in the past sessions got their emails around noon and my star was updated around 10 am. I am thinking it will be tomorrow for us since we had the biggest session, must be taking them longer.


  3. 39 minutes ago, tarynnoelle said:

    That's good to hear, makes me feel better. I guess MMI also depends on how the school executes it. The one I went to was obviously stressful because every room is an unknown but the situations were manageable for sure - nothing super out there in my case. There is literally no way to prepare though haha. The only suggestion I would have is to consider questions based on ethics. We had to play out a couple scenarios based on ethical/nonethical situations. 

    That’s actually super helpful advice! Thank you for that, I really appreciate it.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, tarynnoelle said:

    I just had an MMI at another school on Friday and actually really enjoyed it! I have my interview at UTMB on Nov 8th and I am so nervous for one on one interviews haha 

    I haven't done an MMI yet but will be doing one soon at UTHSCSA! I have just heard they can be scary but I feel like it could depend on the person. I personally really like how UTMB did the one on one because the professors are very relaxed and welcoming so it felt like more of a conversation with them! I also feel like they were truly trying to get to know you more as a person based off of the things they asked and it felt like more personable because of that.

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  5. 49 minutes ago, Alexisnecole01 said:

    Omg! I have been legit having anxiety attacks since Friday night. Lol. I NEED to get in. UTMB is my top choice. 

    Oh thank god! I literally thought I was the only one. Ive literally been giving myself heartburn constantly my anxiety is so bad lol. Exact same though! I am beyond in love with UTMB and its 100% my top choice. I hope we both find out soon!

  6. I received an interview today at 2:40 pm! I am beyond excited and cried for about twenty minutes!

    My stats are as followed:

    Verified: 5/31

    In review: 07/29

    First time applicant- finishing up my Bachelor's by May

    Cumulative GPA: 3.81

    Science GPA: 3.75

    GRE (not a great standardized test taker)

    Verbal: 146

    Quantatative: 146

    Writing: 4.5

    Medical stats:

    Shadowing: 30 hours under 4 PA's (4 different specialties)

    PCE: 800 hours (Optometric Assistant)


    HCE: 300 hours (patient care technician at home health clinic and shadowing PA)

    Clinical rotations high school- 250 hours at a hospital shadowing physicians and PA's


    Letter of Recommendations:

    I submitted 4 but I am not sure which ones they chose! (1 physician(OBGYN), 1 PA, 1 anatomy professor, 1 Optometrist)

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  7. 3 hours ago, ep95liner said:

    Interview invited 9/23 for 10/28! AHHHHH 😂

    I'm excited but nervous in a good way! I feel like this might be late for Texas Tech? Good luck to everyone 🙂. This whole wait game is killing me, I'm sure its killing everyone reading this too. Keep up the faith and confidence in yourself guys.

    Congratulations! Would you mind sharing when your application was verified and texas tech confirmed it? Thanks!

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