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  1. Couldn't resonate more with that statement when picking up UC shifts.
  2. GAPA has a list of PAs who are willing to take on students for shadowing. That being said it can be difficult during COVID times. You will need a job getting direct hands on hours. Georgia has plenty of programs to apply to and cast a wide net.
  3. This sounds identical to the call I am expected to take in my current Urology position. Regardless being on call half the year seems excessive even if it is just clinic call.
  4. I couldn’t find the topic discussed on Reddit. Could you share the thread?
  5. I appreciate your input. They do provide full benefits. I will for sure ask for 401k to be put into the contract.
  6. New Grad offer for Men’s Health / urology what are yalls thoughts? Duties will be clinic, OR time and some hospital rounding. Base: 90k On call: 8400k/ year. Contract stipulates “currently about one day a week but is subject to change. You will always have a physician on call with you” I was told one day a week and every 5th weekend until 5pm. Bonus: up to 20% of my salary. All PAs were eligible for bonus last year. There are certain thresholds of participation in meetings and documentation I must meet. CME 1.5k. Expected to keep up ACLS and
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