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  1. Got an email two days ago saying my application has moved on to the "2nd Step Faculty Review". Hoping this is good news!!
  2. Anyone here interviewed a few days ago on Tuesday? (09/17)
  3. @jennifer smith Do you mind giving us an update on which week of verified student you are on? Thank you so much!
  4. Really hoping they get to people verified in the first of week June for the November interview. I am really out here refreshing this page every week day.
  5. For those that had the interview on July 18th.. please share your experiences!! what was it like? what kind of questions did they ask?
  6. Anyone that had the interview on July 18th care to give any sort of insight? Much appreciated!!
  7. I got the same email!! hoping for the best. fingers crossed
  8. Hey guys I recently got an interview invitation to the NUMC, can any of you share your interview experience? I am really nervous!
  9. Has anyone received a rejection letter yet? I am still waiting to hear back since I applied. They emailed me on June 22nd saying they have received my CASPA application, however i have not heard anything since then. If I have not heard anything yet, does this mean I am getting rejected?
  10. Received confirmation that my application is being processed on June 6th. Still have not heard anything else. Should I consider it a rejection??
  11. Can you guys post your timeline? I was verified June 6th by CASPA and received confirmation from Rutgers the same day. But I still have not heard anything from them since.
  12. Just thought I'd start a thread for this cycle Submitted: June 3 Verified: June 5 Confirmation from York: June 21st
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