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  1. I interviewed in November and have not heard anything yet either. Hopefully we will all hear back soon!
  2. Does anyone know when they will start calling/emailing about their decisions? I interviewed Nov 1 and it was pretty relaxed. I was asked more situational questions than any other interview I’ve had. Thankfully, it was focused around the HIPAA laws and I felt pretty comfortable about it. The current students were also very helpful during the day, so feel free to ask them anything! Good luck to everyone!
  3. I have been placed on the waitlist! I hope the best for everyone, and praying some people say “no!” Haha!
  4. For anyone who has interviewed, do you have any advice? What was their style of interview? I cannot find it anywhere on the website.
  5. My application was verified on 7/3/2019 and I have not heard anything back.
  6. I just received an interview invite as well! Good luck to everyone!
  7. I am so sorry to hear that you have been discouraged about this process. This is my second year applying, but last year I wasn't even eligible and got rejection letters immediately. I realized that the PA programs weren't easy last year and it's highly competitive, so I got a full time job for Direct Patient Care hours and retook 3 classes to boost my C's to A's to improve my GPA. My science GPA is still yucky at 3.14, but my overall is a 3.86. I'm hoping that everything else will look strong so that won't be too much of an issue, but who knows! My advice to you would be to speak to someone over the program because they will usually be very honest with you and be able to give helpful advice that is honest and focused on you. Good luck!
  8. Congratulations! When did you get the email that everything was completed and that your app was under review?
  9. Any tips for interviews in general? This is my first year applying.
  10. This is my first year applying. Any tips for preparing for interviews?
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