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  1. I just got accepted at my another school so I will be giving my interview spot up- I hope someone else gets the chance with the spot!
  2. I also received my acceptance email on Friday! I was originally on the active list, so don't give up hope yet!
  3. I went last year I believe they did 3 individual interviews after they did an introduction to the program, meeting with finance, and campus tour. It was very laid back!
  4. I also got an interview invite yesterday! I’ll be going on January 13
  5. I also got an email on Friday notifying me I am on the active list- I interviewed September 27.
  6. I interviewed on the 27th as well and they said my application is still under review- that I will know more after they meet again but they did not say when that would be. It does seem to be taking a bit longer than usual!
  7. Last year they did interviews until beginning of February so I’m sure there are!
  8. I just received my interview invite for 9/27 yesterday! My application was confirmed as complete on 6/10.
  9. I believe their first interview isn't until November 11 so we probably won't hear for a while unfortunately! Hopefully I'm wrong and we hear soon. lol.
  10. For those who got interviews: did you all receive an official confirmation? I asked admissions and they said my application was complete but I still haven't received an email officially stating it.
  11. I also received a link to the portal and a confirmation of my application being submitted but no offer so far!
  12. Thanks for all the feedback! This is very helpful to get inside views on how helpful you guys actually find sims
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