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  1. Thank you for your advice! It didn't come too late; I have two interviews coming up. They've both switched to webcam interviews instead which should be interesting
  2. I decided to apply to residencies that start in the fall as well. I knew that I wanted to do emergency medicine, and in the state where I'm from, it's nearly impossible to find a job in the ED with no experience. By applying to more programs, I have a greater chance of getting into at least one. It also helps that my parents have been very generous and have allowed me to live with them rent-free until a residency program starts.
  3. I've got a few EM residency interviews coming up in the next few weeks, and I was wondering what tips anyone could give me to make me more competitive at the interviews. In PA school my GPA was 3.8 and I did two rotations in the emergency department. Before PA school, I was a tech in the ED. I've applied to 7 residencies, so I'm hoping to get into a least 1. Thank you so much!
  4. Thank you so much! Albany's program looks the strongest out of all of the programs I've applied to! I've already sent in all of my application materials. When do they typically interview? Their application season opened so early
  5. Thank you for letting me know! I just haven't heard anything about it other than what the website says
  6. I applied for Baystate which interviews in February-March, but I've also applied for Albany and Weill-Cornell which don't interview until a couple of months later.
  7. In the past few months, I've decided that I would like to do an EM residency and have sent applications out to 7 different programs. One of the residencies conducts its interviews a couple of months before most of the others. It is not my top residency program; if I were to get an acceptance from that program, it would be before I interviewed at the other facilities. In that situation, what would you recommend doing? Would I turn it down in the hopes that I got into one of my higher ranked programs?
  8. Thank you so much for the advice! I'll keep my eyes open and see what's available. I'm applying to 8 different programs, so I'll be interviewing a lot in April/May hopefully. I'll download that podcast; sounds great!
  9. I'm graduating from PA school in December, and I am planning on applying to several EM residencies. Most of these programs start in the fall, which leaves me with at least 7-8 months between graduating and residency. Luckily, my parents are letting me live with them for that period of time, but I know that loan payments start 6 months after graduating. What do you recommend doing in this long strength between the two? Where I live, there aren't very many PA jobs that hire new grads.
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