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  1. I have been recently talking to my therapist and have been taking the steps to go back into therapy, as well as having a continuation of care near the university. I’m not trying to make excuses, what I did was something inexcusable and the fact that it did happen so close to school starting did put a shock to me and my therapist. I thought I had gotten past therapy and neglected taking my medication prior to the incident but this has been a wake up call for me to continue with treatment. I assumed I’d gotten past the need for treatment and I’m definitely not going to be making that mistake again.
  2. I’m not quite sure how to say this but last weekend I made the terrible decision to not take my medication and drank far too much. Long story short I presented with suicidal ideation/behavior and got 302’d. I will be starting PA school later this month and have since got back on my medication for anxiety and depression. Will being 302’d effect my ability to get licensed? I have no criminal history or inappropriate behavior in school. I’m just worried I possibly screwed up my future through a dumb, reckless decision.
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