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  1. Hey anyone giving their social out today in the email?! Got an email to give it the other day for the program
  2. Starting in June, anyone know if there's a fb group or forum for the incoming class?
  3. When is the first day of class? I don't see a date on the Upstate portal?
  4. Interviewed Nov. 15. Got the acceptance today woot woot.
  5. Does anyone know the classification to choose for the deposit? Is it S. M. H. S?
  6. Does anyone know if there are still more interview dates coming up? I still have not heard anything
  7. When does the program start again? And is there a facebook group for the new class?
  8. Anyone know any cheap places to stay at for the interview or if housing is provided?
  9. I have an invite for 10/18, does anyone want to split a place or know any places to stay near the area?
  10. Hi Everyone, I know this application is very extensive. I started this up to have a discussion on any questions and timeline about downstate. For one thing do you guys know what constitutes a professional email? can it still be .com or does it need to be .edu?
  11. Did anyone get the email that "you are a strong candidate but still reviewing applications before offer interview?
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