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  1. Thank you sir for your reply to my post. Would you know if there are any programs in the state of Georgia? Right now its hard to work my way down to Florida. I am also assuming the program is not online. I like the program and I would consider it for sure. I would just need to find one in the state of Georgia for it to work out. I would have to find a job in Florida. Transfer all my certifications as well which can take a while and then hopefully land a job within a considerable amount of time. From my view right now it just seems a bit unreasonable for me to move down to Florida. I will
  2. Sir thank you for again for taking the time to respond back to me. Personally if I do end up going through with PA school, I am going to have to choose not to work for the two years so I am able to concentrate and really focus on being a good provider. Too be honest I am not even sure how to go about my living expenses. Consider buying a trailer or motor home just until I graduate school but I would also need the money to be able to afford to buy one cash. Yes you are correct in regards to me owing the military 4 years after completion of the program. Even though the
  3. Your correct. I’m not old “currently’ but I am looking at it in regards to what my age will be when I graduate PA school or when I get accepted if that. Yes I would love to work as a PA in regards to my old age because it would be a lot less stress on my body. Riding on the ambulance currently every third day is really taxing physically and mentally. Staying up almost every night really is hindering my off days when it comes to trying to be productive due to the lack of sleep during the night on a consistent basis. I have considered the NP route numerous amount of times. I have th
  4. Thank you for replying to my post. You are right that I will only get older. I guess my ultimate concern is end up not getting accepted due to past academic mistakes. I only taken maybe 8 classes at most and achieved majority of B’s and a couple of A’s. The only bad thing is I ended up failing out of Microbiology with a D not because it was hard but because a family member ended up getting sick and I had to leave the class. That is a long story and I hate that this happened and its my biggest concern that I will end up failing at being accepted into PA school. Thank you sir for
  5. Hello everyone, My plan is too not make this a long question. Let me first start off by saying I am a 25 year old male who has been working as an EMT for about 4 years now. I’m in medic school now and my graduation date is February of 2020. I do not currently hold a bachelors or associates degree if anything. When I graduated high school I had no desire of figuring out what I wanted out of life. I was living in New York at the time when I ended up moving to Georgia at the ripe old age of 21. I landed a job at the fire department and attained my EMT. I have been working as a F
  6. Hello everyone, A little about myself. I have been working as an EMT in the state of Georgia for about four years now. I have two months left of my paramedic course. When I graduate from my paramedic school I will have an associates degree. Halfway through paramedic school, I decided that I did not want to be in EMS my whole career but that my experience in EMS can be a good stepping stone for higher career opportunities. I decided after much thought that I want to become a physician assistant. It was a tough choice between choosing a nursing school and then going to get my NP b
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