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  1. You have 2 weeks from the offer to pay the $200 deposit!
  2. Interviewed 8/27 and received my acceptance this morning as well!
  3. Also interviewed 8/15 and received my acceptance today!!
  4. @rgorm110 @pafuture24 today was the first interview and they said they are holding interviews through October! So no seats are filled at this time
  5. Went well! Pretty laid back. It was clear they wanted to get to know you as an individual and how well you play with others!
  6. If anyone else is interviewing this Thursday 8/15 and wants to meet up the night before for dinner message me!
  7. CASPA was also submitted 4/25 and verified 5/2. Has anyone received a confirmation email or link to supplemental yet?
  8. https://www.applyweb.com/northazg/index.ftl it is this graduate application!
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