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  1. Thank you! I was on for the Pennsylvania campus. Good luck!
  2. I was accepted off of the waitlist yesterday, and have declined the offer as I already committed to another program. Good luck to everyone
  3. I’m so excited too! And no I haven’t gotten any additional info yet. Just that confirmation that they received my deposit a while ago.
  4. Just wondering if anyone made a Facebook page yet
  5. Not that I know of. I interviewed at the very first session back in September and still haven’t heard a peep.
  6. Relatively, yes! I’m from southern New Hampshire. Only a little over an hour away
  7. I know I check mine every few hours haha. Very excited!! Where are you coming from?
  8. Does anyone know when they will be sending out the emails with info on how to pay the deposit?? I just want to make it official already
  9. Thank you so much! I interviewed on September 27th and 28th and got the call today at 2:07 pm
  10. I just got the call today for acceptance and have not gotten the email yet. Can’t wait!!
  11. Hi guys! I interviewed on the 27th/28th and just wanted to say that it was so nice meeting everyone. I know we are all anxiously awaiting their decisions. Good luck to you all!
  12. How big is the class size and how many people interview per session?
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