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  1. Congrats to y'all! I hope this works out well for each of you. I was denied today.
  2. I just received an interview invite for 11/12 and 13. I am hopeful like @PandaLe that a successful interview does not result in being waitlisted. This program would be awesome to be accepted to. Thankful for the opportunity!
  3. I wish I was still in the pool, but had to remove myself as I cannot retake Microbiology (this class has an expiration date) as well as the two outstanding prereqs I have by 9/1. I guess I will be in the pool next year if I don't get accepted elsewhere. I had great essays too, I really like this school. Best of luck to y'all!
  4. I did in June and received notification today that it was under review.
  5. Hi, I am looking for a Human Physiology course that is completely online. NOT A&P just straight Human Phys. I found one at Colorado State, I think UNE has one, any others you all would recommend?
  6. Are you still accepting personal statements? I could use some help. I am worried mine is boring & I need to cut it down
  7. Hailey, just sent you an email! Thanks for the offer of help!
  8. No, no interview. Hope you all have more success than me! Best wishes!
  9. I was declined admission this morning and am heartbroken. This seemed like the perfect fit, as my goals match Yale’s perfectly. Here are my stats. I assume my age and lack of recent PCE hours was a contributor. GRE 313, 4.5. Biology major GPA 3.2, Graduate GPA 3.56 (Entomology) PCE 1400 (CNA 1988) and medical volunteer hours 225. Community volunteer hours: thousands. Best of luck to everyone, I know this is a process and an effort in perseverance. Hang in there!
  10. Hang in there! I submitted 4/14. They did notify me that my app was under review early this week and another email asked me to register to take the CASPer test. I am also taking it 5/14. Waiting is always hard but we will know soon enough! Lots of praying going on here!
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