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  1. For those who did not receive a call, don’t lose hope. You will become a PA! The best program is the one you’re apart of. Also, does anyone know if a Facebook page has been made for the accepted? Would love to meet you all!
  2. Hey has anyone created a FB page for the incoming class? I’d love to start meeting all of you.
  3. I haven’t gotten an email about the deposits yet. Is this normal?
  4. I interviewed yesterday 9/18 and received an acceptance call today 9/19! So excited to start this new journey!
  5. Got an II for 9/18! Thank you for applying email on 5/29! I also took the CASPer test.
  6. I called in early June and they told me to send in things like transcripts once accepted. A couple days ago I received an "application under review" email.
  7. I got the email around 4:00 PM 8/14/2019 and submitted my application late May. I currently have a lot more PCE but the stats I applied with are: GRE: 308 overall GPA: 4.43 Science GPA: 4.36 Extracurricular Activities: 840 Hr HCE: 64 Leadership: 490 PCE: 2,000+ Research: 221 Shadowing: 154 Teaching: 840 Apart of TAPA and AAPA
  8. I’ve gotten about 5 raider emails, including one this morning. This afternoon I saw another email and was surprised to see it was an interview invite for 9/30 morning group!
  9. I received another Email about my domain today. Should I ignore it or set it up?
  10. Looking back on the 2018-2019 forum it seems a lot of other interview invited were given out, some being verified late May early June. I'm in the same position as you! Let's stay positive! It is still early in the game.
  11. I just got an email stating, " Your application is now in the Physician Assistant Studies Department for Review. Please allow several weeks to months for the review process. Thank you for your interest in our program" Am I late to the party?
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