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  1. 24 minutes ago, LaurenAutry said:

    Anybody thinking we will get a call this week? It’s been two weeks tomorrow for my interview date. Last year it looks like Acceptances went out before the 10th for the first round of people. My nerves are killing me. 

    Yes, I'm hoping for Thursday or Friday based on last year's posts.😌

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  2. 1 hour ago, DianaPrince060217 said:

    Hi @Conpep, did you really not have an essay?  A couple months back I sent an email to admissions asking what their interview set-up was. They said the interview consisted of an overview of the program, a one-on-one with two faculty members, an essay portion, tour, lunch, and meet and greet with current and former students. So did you really not have an essay? Also, are we required to bring a 2x2 picture of ourselves? 

    Thank you posting this. Where did you find out about the picture? I remember something like that but can't find it!

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