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  1. So tired of waiting I assume it is a ''no'' by now, but just want to know.
  2. Is there a Facebook group for accepted students?
  3. We're anyone accepted from the October 1st interview? Thanks!
  4. Anyone who attended the interview today, did they say when the decisions will be made?
  5. Congratulations! Do you mind sharing what was your top choice?
  6. Has anybody heard anything from October 1st interviews? Good or bad? I was really hoping for news this week
  7. Yes, I'm hoping for Thursday or Friday based on last year's posts.
  8. Congratulations to you as well! When did you interview?
  9. Thank you posting this. Where did you find out about the picture? I remember something like that but can't find it!
  10. My someone with "inside" access can step in and answer wether or not there will be more invites?
  11. Oh my goodness! Congratulations! Was it a call or email?
  12. Hello all! Has anyone received a date for the interview yet? I'm still waiting and watching flight prices go up, lol.
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