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  1. they don't utilize rolling admissions - so they begin reviewing applicants after the Jan. 15 deadline.
  2. seeing that you originally took the class in fall of 2013; that makes it 7 years so I'd assume they won't accept that. If anything I'd contact the school and ask OR just retake it in the fall and still apply.
  3. hey !! just wanted to let you know in case you haven't checked yet that CUNY school of medicine is on CASPA now!!
  4. Hello! Is there any information regarding as to why CUNY School of Medicine is not appearing on CASPA under "available programs". I know it was suppose to open yesterday July 1st. Are there changes being made? I've missed both sessions so I'm unaware.
  5. literally got the same email a few minutes ago...have not been interviewed & its from LIU-SFS@liu.edu idk I'm super confused
  6. nope they don't have rolling admissions...it says it on their website. So yes I'd assume they review each application equally as long as you meet the minimum requirements.
  7. nope..trying to stay hopeful as well the wait is driving me insane :////////////
  8. Not sure what's going on to be quiet honest. If the admissions decisions have been pushed back to April 17th I'm going to assume the interview dates are as well? idk....
  9. I just received an email from City College basically stating that all admissions decisions will be postponed until April 17th & that future interview dates will be held virtually, however the dates are still to be determined....so I'm assuming that interviews are still being sent out. not sure if you guys received this email but just wanted to inform everyone! be safe and good luck to all of you!
  10. I know !! I keep refreshing my email..so much anxiety :(((( good luck to all of you !!
  11. I got the same email too! I was wondering though how this works..do they want us to request an updated transcript from our college and have them mail it to CASPA? (as we initially did when we first applied).
  12. Good luck to you too !!! It's so exciting but also so nerve wrecking at the same time lol
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