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  1. Excited to meet everyone today for the Meet and Greet in a couple hours!!
  2. Mhodson014

    CASPA Closes?

    Hello everyone! I am planning on reapplying this upcoming 2020-2021 cycle as a re-applicant. I recently opened my CASPA profile and noticed it saved all of my previous information from this past cycle, 2019-2020. Does anyone know if my CASPA application will close and reset before it opens again in April 2020? I would like to get a head start to update my application, but I don't want to waste my time if it is just going to reset soon and/or not save anything. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys!!! So I am so excited to be applying to PA school this round! I am working on my supplemental essays and one of the schools I am applying to wants an essay based off of my life experiences. They specifically state that this is different from the personal statement and that it should be based on my life history and experiences in 3200 characters. I am kind of confused on where to begin.. Is it okay to include things from high school and my childhood? Also good luck to everyone applying this round!!!
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