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  1. Got accepted end of October. Decided to give up my seat to attend Emory instead. Hope this moves someone out of the the wait-list. Wishing everyone the best in their future careers as a PA!
  2. I ended up turning down my admission to Stanford. Even though I really liked this program and loved the idea of staying in California, I couldn't rationalize the extra cost compared to the two other programs in which I was admitted (Yale and Emory). My PA mentors also agreed that Stanford was not worth the extra cost. I wouldn't go as far to say to "pick the cheapest option" because not all programs prepare you to become a PA as well as others. However, there definitely are other programs that will provide you quality education at a reasonable tuition. This is all my personal opin
  3. Anyone remember when the Yale PA program has breaks during the school year? Like is there a summer break at all?
  4. Got an acceptance call on 10/31! Anyone else concerned with the tuition cost? Each quarter is $17, 493 standard tuition + $2,454 Fees. So for all 9 quarters, that's $179,523 just tuition and fees. This does not take into account cost of living in Palo Alto. I remember some of the current students expressing worry about the cost, and I just realized now how expensive this program is compared to others! Just want to make sure my math is right here or if I'm missing something?? http://med.stanford.edu/pa/tuition.html
  5. I interviewed Oct 3. I also haven't heard anything. They told us that we should be hearing back any time between "soon" and end of November. Just anxiously waiting now.
  6. Got a call as well! So excited for next year and to have the opportunity to meet everyone! Congrats to everyone on their acceptance. And to everyone else, keep your head up!
  7. Hello! I am interviewing Oct 25th-26th. Is everyone planning on wearing a full suit on both days? I was thinking nice blouse + dress pants for the information session day and full suit for the interview day. I'm considering not making the investment on another blazer to save some money. Thoughts??
  8. I'll be there too! So excited to meet everyone. Best of luck!
  9. CASPA and Supplemental submitted on 6/1. On on 8/16 I received invitation to interview for 9/14. Anyone else receive an interview invitation?? Best of luck to everyone!!
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