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  1. I declined my interview offer, hopefully it opens a spot for someone
  2. No I don’t think there is one yet!
  3. Same i am anxiously waiting. Last time they sent out interview invites back in August.
  4. Hey guys, I just received my acceptance in the mail. Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have regarding the admissions process.
  5. Hey Jennifer, Do you know which cohort of people are still being reviewed? Thanks
  6. Hey, so there are 10 multiple choice questions on ethics followed by an essay question. While the students write their essays, the admissions committee pull out students one by one.
  7. Hey do you mind sharing your stats and also when did you apply? Thanks
  8. Hi guys, i just received interview invite for the NUMC campus. I am extremely nervous and i was wondering if someone can give me some feedback on how to prepare for the interview. Moreover, for those who are already accepted what is the interview like? Thanks
  9. Yes it is supplemental. If you log in, it shows you what documents they have received so far and what documents they are missing. When i logged in, the only thing that was missing was supplemental. Hope this helps!
  10. Hi guys, I submitted my application received an email that says, “You are invited to learn more about St. John's University Graduate Schools.” I was wondering if anyone else received that email.
  11. Do you mind sharing your stats and also do you know when NYIT starts sending out interviews? I didn’t receive any email since I applied.
  12. Same! I have not received a confirmation email yet. Applied on the 12th and sent out supplemental three days ago. P.s i did check my junk mail
  13. Caspa verified 06/13 submitted :06/15 I haven’t received the email yet but i do believe it might take a while since NYIT is not rolling admissions. Good luck everyone!
  14. Thank you for your response! I did confirm. They do accept it but its not preferred. I do not know how much will it affect my application, but hopefully not too much. I just submitted my application, and currently working on my supplemental.
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