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  1. Congrats to those with an interview! I got my letter of rejection yesterday as well. Wish you guys the best of luck!
  2. I received my supplemental application yesterday! My due date is September 1st
  3. I got an email stating they received my CASPA today! Just waiting for the supplemental application now .
  4. No, everything was really quick. Everything was complete that same day, but I thought it was depending on if you submitted it/finished it. The people verifying your shadowing hours doesn't have to be completed either for it to show as complete, just as long as you send the requests.
  5. Yes, they send you an email stating they received your CASPA application and in it, they put your Student Portal login information.
  6. No, it's the Univ. of St. Francis of Joliet, Illinois, but it's located in New Mexico.
  7. I submitted mine 05/24 and it got verified later that day.
  8. Good luck to everyone applying this cycle! I submitted my application 05/25 and it got verified later that day.
  9. I submitted mine 05/25 at 1pm and it was verified later that day.
  10. Good luck to everyone applying this year! I just submitted by CASPA application and paid the fee today!
  11. Just starting a thread for this new application cycle! Good luck to anyone that applies!
  12. Good luck! I am currently working on the Student Portal and am ready to be done with this application lol
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